• Who does your shipping?

Our shipping partner is Australia Post for all domestic and international orders. Rates are automatically calculated at checkout. All domestic deliveries are carbon offset and Cooked Concepts will be purchasing carbon offsets for all international orders annually. 

  • Do you ship everywhere all over?

Pretty much. But if you're shipping internationally, just be aware we take no responsibility for the local duties and tariffs in your country, which may or may not be payable. 

  • What's your stance on packing materials and all that jazz?

Every single thing we use in our packaging is compostable (including mailers, stickers, tissue paper and shipping labels). And most of it is also recycled. We consider ourselves to be a green business and strive wherever we can to be environmentally conscious. This is also the reason we don't stock vast amounts of product - we only produce what we're confident we can sell.

  • Returns? 

If in the extremely unlikely scenario that there's a problem with your order, please email us at shopcookedconcepts@gmail.com to organise a return. If you change your mind or the sizing is wrong, you can return the item (unused), but you gotta pay the postage, bae. So *please* don't forget to check your sizing before you order! If you wanna chat more, email us.  

  • How often do you get new stock?

Being a small and relatively new business (NKOB) we are only able to order small quantities of stock at a time. Don't dilly dally, if you want something buy it. But if it is sold out, please add your email to the waitlist and we will email you when they're back in stock, which we expect to be no more than four weeks for any item. 

  • What if I need my product urgently? 

Trust us, this stuff is worth waiting for. 

  • Why did you choose the Rhodanthe Lipsett Indigenous Midwifery Charitable Fund to pay the rent? 

A key part of self-determination for Aboriginal communities is subsidising training for frontline healthcare workers. By contributing to the education of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander midwives, we can support the improvement of pregnancy and birth outcomes in community. You can read more about the Fund here

  • Cookie dough or cookies?

So glad you asked! We love pre-prepared tubs of cookies dough, because you can eat them cold by the spoonful in summer or chuck them in the oven for 15 minutes and BANG.. hot fresh cookies. It's a win/win situation, quite frankly. 

  • Will you be introducing more products to your website? 

Absolutely! We will be introducing products gradually over the next little while, when our day-jobs allow. Got an idea? Tell us about it! 

  • How does your sizing work?

Check our sizing charts here. And measure yourself and make sure you're ordering what will fit. 

  • Fabrics? 

All fabrics are 100% cotton.  

  • You didn't answer my question. 

Look, we're a talented selection of lads and lasses, but we can't read minds. Got another question? Stop whining and just shoot us an email already.